About Us

NexBorg Software Solutions Private Limited is a value based Product Engineering IT firm delivering high value and robust solutions using state-of-the-art technologies.
Founded in 2014. Partnered with several small companies. NexBorg's team of Planners, Project Managers, Developers, Designers and Testers have delivered over 50 projects for diverse range of clients across a number of industry sectors. The name of the company is derived from Next Big Organization. The founder's vision of providing premium software solutions which were the perfect amalgam of design, coding and integration has remained a key driver of NexBorg's growth.

How is NexBorg an ideal IT destination

  • Located at one of the established IT hubs in south India
  • Easily accessible through land, sea and air alike
  • Formidable connectivity with excellent servers
  • NexBorgians are valued partners and not just employees
  • Transparency in communication throughout development

Timely Delivery

We adhere strictly to timelines and ensure that each iteration of the app rolls out exactly when it was promised.

Great People

Our dedicated team of developers are experienced, well-trained and driven. They consistently put their best foot forward.

Smart Technology

We remain up to date with the latest coding practices and technologies in the industry and strive to implement them in our products.

Customer Support

We have less than 24 hours turn around time. Most replies will be instant.

Quality Development

We never skimp on quality, ever. Stakeholders are involved throughout all stages of product development for transparency and conformity.

We Think Long Term

Our products are designed to endure and so is the relationship with our clients.